Africa: 11 things to know about Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas

It is indeed a great year for black women in pageants, as all the title-holders of the worlds most recognised and coveted titles are beautiful black women.

In a time when media houses are misplacing our queens and all of right-thinking America is claiming Miss Jamaica as Miss World USA. It’s best we set the records a little bit straight.

In a more accurate report (also posted on Twitter), the BBC News stated: “It’s the first time in history that black women hold the titles for Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss Universe and Miss World.”

And, in celebrating black women, it would be remiss of the Loop Lifestyle team to neglect the newly adopted Jamaican, Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas.

In the same manner that Jamaicans (specifically Jamaicans on Twitter) adopted Bajan Pop princess Rihanna, many of us have already accepted Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas as our own.

Douglas and Singh are almost sisters at this point, and nobody can turn a blind eye to the on-screen PDA shown between the two following the announcement of Singh’s win.

We can fairly say Douglas was extremely excited for Singh.

During interviews post-show, Douglas expressed her desire to one day visit Jamaica, and as fate would have it Tourism minister Ed Bartlett made it official… Now, it’s only a matter of time.

Before that visit, here are 11 things you may want to know about the most beautiful girl in Nigeria!

1. Nyekachi Douglas is the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (formerly Miss Universe Nigeria) titleholder, a feat which secured her spot in the Miss World 2019 competition, where she met Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh.

2. The 21-year-old is a Rivers State representative that hails from a local government area known as Emohua in Rivers State, Nigeria.

3. The 6’5” glamazon is also a freelance model and worked in the fashion industry before she started training for the pageant.

4. She walked alongside Jamaican-blooded model, Naomi Campbell and male model du jour, Alton Mason for designers Okunoren during Arise Fashion Week in May.

5. At Miss World dance rehearsals, Douglas did a hair flip and her wig fell off. She collapsed in laughter then decided to play it cool and go au natural for the finale!

6. She loves art and travel and oftentimes visits art museums or galleries in her spare time.

7. She reps her homeland with the same energy she reserves for her friends. “To the people of NIGERIA my great country you are all wonderful and I cannot wait to show the world my very own country. I cannot wait [to] show them our colour, strength, creativity, intelligence…the list goes on.”

8. After migrating to and living in the United States for much of her teenage life, Douglas was able to reunite with her family in Nigeria for Christmas, 2018.

9. Douglas is a wisecrack and often keeps people around her entertained with laughter from funny stories and her gestures and facial expressions.

10. Douglas is a fan of sports and dabbles in a bit of football and track. During the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria competition, she and her fellow 37 competitors trained by playing football.

11. And, of course, Douglas broke the internet and left us in awe when she pranced around the stage at upon hearing the announcement of Miss World 2019.


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