Aviation: $200 million Philadelphia airport runway project completed


Philadelphia International Airport completed a $200 million five-year project that extended Runway 27L, one of its two main runways, by 1,500 feet and constructed several new taxiways.

The extension canaccommodate the newest fleet of large aircraft that are popular on many long-haul international routes. American Airlines, the lead carrier at the airport, has been adding international flights that a key to tourism and business travel in the Delaware Valley.

American has been focusing on Charlotte, NC and Dallas in adding domestic flights. Some service that had been dropped from Philadelphia after the US Airways merger has been restored.

The $200 million project began in 2014 and was completed in phases. In addition to the 1,500-foot extension to the runway, the project resulted in 10,300 feet added from new and realigned taxiways, providing more space to queue planes and improve airfield circulation.

The added taxiway space may help address flight delays that leave some jets circling the airport.

“The completion of this effort represents not only the extension of a runway and an expansion of taxiways. This project is about something bigger, which is about connecting Philadelphia to the world,” Kenney said. “Infrastructure investments like this project make PHL a serious contender in the global aviation

Airport officials noted that next June, American Airlines is launching its first direct flight to Africa with non-stop service from Philadelphia to Casablanca.

Source: delawarebusinessnow.com

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