3 Ghanaian Airlines return to operations

By: Pius Amihere Eduku
Africa World Airlines (AWA) has told Citi Business News the airlines does not feel threatened with the resumption of flights by three other airlines later this year.

According to the airline the coming in of the three will rather deepen competition and offer customers opportunities to choose from.

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has disclosed to Citi Business News that Antrak Air, Fly 540 now Royal Fly-GH as well as City Link have all advanced in their processes to resume operations by the third quarter of this year.
The three, halted operations between 2014 and 2015 for varied reasons but have shown indications of returning onto the market scene after some reforms.
Currently, only two domestic airlines are operating. They include the Africa World Airlines and Starbow Airlines.

But Head of Commercial of Africa World Airlines, Richard Kyereh tells Citi Business News the come -back will not affect current operations.

“With the coming in of new entries or resumption of the three, it can never be a threat. In as much as you have a business, you should have a strategy plan, you should be ready to the uncommon things that you do in a nice way that is what makes the difference,”

“What we are supposed to do is to do our things right, give customers a very reliable service, a very timely service, affordable fares and of course we are guaranteed to have our customers,” Richard Kyereh stressed.



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Cecil John Williame April 11, 2016
| |

This could be good news for travellers in a region that has seen many Airlines come and go. However I only hope proper economic route studies were undertaken without any knee jack reaction on resuming /operating new flights that would disappoint passengers by leaving them high and dry. I hope these new airlines would not be high flying follies