7 ways to improve Aviation in Africa

7 ways to improve Aviation in AfricaSeven out of the top 20 fastest growing traffic flows in the world are to/from or within Africa.

It is estimated that Air transport demand grew by 6.9%. This increase is attributed to strong growth in a number of African economies.

Air transport changes how economies and societies operate. Its contribution goes far beyond direct economic effects. By promoting international trade, encouraging tourism, and stimulating investment throughout  today’s globalised world, air transport is a major driver for economic and social development.

Africa is the “final economic frontier “ and air transport must improve to support economic growth.

Download this eBook to find out more about the 7 improvements for aviation in Africa:

1. IATA Operational Safety Audit Compliance
2. Build demand for domestic and regional services
3. Tax breaks from government to Support the Industry
4. Creating/joining Alliances
5.Manage Costs and boost revenue
6. Investing in new technology
7. Public Private Partnership




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