Tourism: 9 Fun-Filled days in Southern Africa! BellaNaija’s Rose Umane takes Namibia

Earlier this year, we had a vision board training at BNHQ and one of the goals listed on my vision board was to travel and explore more. Few weeks into 2020 and I am super excited to be traveling to Namibia courtesy CMDTours in collaboration with Namibia Tourism Board and Namibia Embassy in Nigeria.

This is super exciting news because Africa is home and Namibia is one African country I have always wanted to visit. I will be in Namibia from February 15th till 21st where I will be getting familiar with the country and exploring its beautiful terrain.

Some of the places I will be visiting includes Etosha National Park, Twyfelfontein, Swakopmund, Okaukeujo camp and there are so many fun activities lined up for this trip at these places such as quad biking, camping, dolphin cruise, various site inspections and of course, trying out Namibia’s delicacies at various restaurants.
Here are some fun facts about Namibia.

Namibia is home to the world’s oldest desert. The Namib Desert is over 55 million years old and Namibia was named after the Namib desert.

Namibia has the coolest tribes. One of the most interesting tribe is the Himba Tribe who have remained untouched by modernism. From their skincare and hair routine which includes applying a paste made of butter, fat and red ochre giving them the red hue – to their traditional attires of wearing skirts and leaving their upper body bare.

Namibia has the largest population of free-roaming cheetahs in the world – can’t wait to see some.

It is the safest country in Africa to work in as a journalist; it ranks number one in Africa in press freedom and ranks 24th out of 180 countries globally. This is good news for me as media personnel.

By Rose Umane

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