95% drop in visits to Egyptian historical sites

Egypt tourism revenue from its monuments and historical sites have slumped by 95% 95drop in visits to Egyptian historical sitessince 2011. Reeling under political turmoil, revenues fell from 3bn Egyptian pounds (£250m) in 2010 to just 125m (£10.5m) in 2014, Mamdouh el-Damaty told al-Mehwar, a private Egyptian television channel.

The gradual downfall has made it difficult for the Government of Egypt to pay salaries to their staff. “The current yearly income is good enough to pay the salaries of the ministry’s employees for just two months,” Damaty said in the interview.

Although footfall recorded in Egypt’s Red Sea resorts have been pretty decent in recent times, but visitors to its historic sites in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan are still few.

“It’s dead,” said Mena Melad, the editor of the Luxor Times. “It’s even worse than in 1997 after the massacre of the tourists” at the Hatshepsut temple in the Valley of the Kings. “There are lots of people who have given up working in tourism and are trying to find new work.”



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