About Us

ATQnews.com® a member of Travel Media Group is the online platform for African Travel Quarterly (ATQ), the first travel magazine in West Africa which solely focuses on travel and tourism issues. It started publishing offline about 10 years ago.

 ATQnews.com® features reports that cover a wide range of topics within the travel and tourism sectors which are intended for an ever-increasing and passionate audience of readers and travellers from all over the world.

 Our reports and stories come from a multitude of professional travel and tourism journalists, experts and enthusiastic contributors who focus on travel corporations, tour organizations and business events and news that relate to our areas of focus, forecasts, market and political analysis which observe developments in the areas of travel, transport and tourism from a global perspective; and the impact of these on the economies of countries in creating employment, appreciating nature’s blessing on mankind and the need for their preservation for posterity.


ATQnews.com® specializes on news about Africa and travels with one of the largest databases of travel professionals in West Africa. It is your most reliable source of African travel news.

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