Africa: Accra City Hotel named Historical Hotel of the Year 2019

Accra City Hotel, one of the leaders of hôtellerie in Ghana, has won two international awards at Global and Country levels. Scooping first place in the World at the 2019 edition of the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Awards in the category: Global Winner as Luxury Historical Hotel and the Haute Grandeur Excellence Hotel Awards awarded in the category: Best Historical Hotel in Ghana 2019.

These awards are a recognition that Accra City Hotel is part of the elite in the Worldwide Hospitality community. The main objective of the Awards is to perform high quality standards and trigger a virtuous cycle of competitiveness. For this, the recognition is achieved through evaluation that is carried out by the customers.

“To be the number one Historical Hotel in the world is an incredible feat. I’m proud of our Hotel’s beauty, the icon of style, elegance and glamour. The Accra City Hotel over the past three decades, with its modern interior, French architecture and amenities, attracted travellers from all over the World. Today Accra City Hotel, on the foundations of the tradition of top service, with its timeless charm, cultural and historical significance, continues to enchant guests coming to Ghana daily. Accra City Hotel, with its welcoming staff and steep history only highlights the best of what the hospitality industry offers to visitors from at home and abroad.
These two awards once again prove that we are at the very top of not just Ghanaian, but also world-wide outstanding hotels,” said Roman Krabel the General Manager of Accra City Hotel, as he congratulated his whole team on the achievement.

The award is a significant confirmation of the path pursued by Accra City Hotel since 1988 has been establishing itself as a landmark in the panorama of Ghanaian hotels, today recognized at international level. Accra City Hotel’s objective is to offer a hospitality experience in true Ghanaian style whilst preserving the history and heritage of the city and its inhabitants – Accra City Hotel constantly carries out important restructuring activities.

Roman Krabel, the hotel’s General Manager remarks: “When Accra City Hotel began its journey four years ago, the Hotel challenged the industry with the vision to create unique hotel experience which pushed the boundaries, Accra City Hotel is constantly evolving and challenging the status quo, these two awards reflect this. We will continue to deliver elevated bespoke experience and exceptional services to all discerning guests seeking authentic experiences in hospitality”.

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