Tourism: Acrobatic stunts wow audience at 2018 International Carnival Calabar


The 2018 Carnival Calabar which took place in Cross Rivers State was filled with lots of entertainment with much display from countries participating in this year’s International Carnival event.

The expectations of the audience at the international Carnival was probably surpassed owing to the superlative and exceptional acrobatic stunts put on display by countries like Kenya, Guinea, Senegal, Switzerland, Ghana, Nigeria and Ukraine.

To the admiration of participants, the Kenyans who were the first to perform at the U.J. Esuene Stadium in Calabar left no one in doubt of their acrobatic prowess when it comes to using the pole.

With effortless agility the group could string themselves on the pole with different manoeuvres being put on display, which earned them cheers from the crowd at the carnival.

The combination of Guinea, Senegal and Switzerland’s performance at the event was something the audience did not bargain for. The three countries’ performance was in sync with each other as they moved symmetrically with one another.

The 15 member group entered arena with multiple surmersults and back flips by individuals before forming a human pyramid of three layers.

Reliving the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, the group reinvented dance steps which characterised the late icon and received a resounding applause from the crowd.

Ukraine is probably one country the Crowd at the Stadium will not forget in a hurry. The Ukrainians distinguished themselves from other countries at the carnival. With sheer dexterity and precision the Ukrainians put on an excellent display that probably made them one of the crowd’s favourite.

With the aid of a bicycle, this group could climb stacks of tables as high as two feet and skip rows of human obstacles on the ground. They also did some human pyramid stunts and acrobatic manoeuvres.

One of the countries that the crowd will continue to talk about is Ghana. The West African country also put up a good performance with a blend of acrobatic stunts and bare skin dance mixed with a fusion of some spiritual display

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