Aviation: Aeroflot again named most punctual among leading global and European airlines in November


Aeroflot once again took first place in flight punctuality among the 20 largest airlines in the world in November 2019, according to a report by leading international flight analytics agency OAG.

According to OAG’s monthly On-Time Performance Report, 92.1% of Aeroflot’s flights operated exactly on schedule during the month. Aeroflot outperformed key competitors and increased its punctuality by 2.3 percentage points compared to its October performance.

OAG previously awarded Aeroflot a five-star rating for punctuality, making Aeroflot the only airline from Russia and the largest airline in Europe in terms of traffic to receive this rating. Only 10% of participants in the OAG On-Time Performance Star Ratings program are awarded the maximum rating.

Aeroflot has firmly established itself as a global leader in terms of flight punctuality due to strict adherence to its own rules for air transportation, including regulations about carry-on dimensions, check-in and boarding time.

High levels of punctuality are not only a boost to an airline’s image, but have an economic benefit as well. The more the plane flies, the cheaper the cost per flight hour – and therefore also fares for passengers.

Aeroflot plans to introduce innovations based on modern digital technologies including biometric controls, which will significantly speed up and simplify pre-flight procedures at the airport.

Source: ajot.com

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