Africa: Brian Efa is now Country Manager, International Hospitality Institute (IHI), Nigeria

Ibom Brian IHI

Former General Manager, Ibom Golf Resort, Brain Efa is now the Country Manager for International Hospitality Institute (IHI).

Efa who is also the CEO, Jonel Hospitality Consulting in a press release said: “I am happy to inform you that I have accepted the offer to serve as the Country Manager – Nigeria for International Hospitality Institute (IHI).

“The International Hospitality Institute, based in the United State, is a global advocacy, training, and standards organization for the hospitality industry. IHI is committed to promoting excellence in the hospitality industry worldwide. It is working to improve wage conditions and work climate for hospitality practitioners while also pushing for supportive corporate, legislative, and governmental policies on behalf of the industry’s stakeholders.

“International Hospitality Institute offers certification programmes for Hotel Managers, Director of Finance, Food and Beverage Manager, Front Office Managers etc

“As Country Manager and together with our Firm- Jonel Hospitality Consulting – Organizers of Nigeria Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference, we will be building capacity across all spectrum of the industry for better service delivery, making them competitive globally and advocating for improved working Condition for all our members in Nigeria

“You would recall that in October 2020, I resigned my appointment with Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort following Akwa Ibom State Government’s (owners of the Hotel) decision to hand over the hotel to a management company.”

Brain Efa was instrumental to the success story of the Ibom Golf Resort, steering the hospitality firm to profitability during the global lockdown induced by the coronavirus pandemic which adversely affected travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Despite the pandemic, Brian Efa was able to successfully move up room occupancy from 35-40% to 85% and at full capacity.

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