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Africa: Cairo Egypt, Lagos Nigeria, and Mozambique Island Bridge Take the Lead in Africa’s Top 10 Longest Bridges List

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Longest Bridges

Bridges, symbolic of human ingenuity, stand as essential components of modern infrastructure. Harnessing innovative designs, cutting-edge materials, and revolutionary concepts, humanity has triumphantly erected a diverse spectrum of bridges, showcasing the remarkable evolution of engineering.

From suspended marvels to expansive structures, these feats of construction exemplify the capability of human creativity and expertise.

According to businessday.ng, Spanning great lengths and connecting distant points, these bridges serve not only as physical links but also as testaments to our ability to overcome challenges and push the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of civil engineering.

Here are the top 10 longest bridges in Africa

6th October Bridge – 12.7 Miles (20.5 Km)
Situated in Cairo, Egypt, the 6th October Bridge stands as the longest bridge in Africa, stretching over 12.7 miles. Completed in 1996, this bridge plays a crucial role in alleviating traffic congestion in the bustling capital, connecting the eastern and western parts of the city over the Nile River.

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Third Mainland Bridge – 7.3 Miles (11.8 Km)
Nigeria has the second-longest bridge in Africa, the Third Mainland Bridge, which spans 7.3 miles. Connecting the Lagos mainland to the Lagos Island, this bridge is a lifeline for the residents, facilitating daily commutes and contributing significantly to the economic activities of the region.

Suez Canal Bridge – 2.4 Miles (3.9 Km)
Also known as the Mubarak Peace Bridge, the Suez Canal Bridge is a vital link connecting the Sinai Peninsula to mainland Egypt. With a length of 2.4 miles, this bridge is not only crucial for transportation but also holds strategic importance as it spans the Suez Canal, a key waterway for global trade.

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Mozambique Island Bridge – 1.9 Miles (3.8 Km)
Mozambique is home to the fourth-longest bridge in Africa, the Mozambique Island Bridge. Spanning 1.9 miles, this bridge connects the mainland to Mozambique Island, contributing to the accessibility and development of the region.

Dona Ana Bridge – 2.3 Miles (3.67 Km)
Another noteworthy bridge in Mozambique is the Dona Ana Bridge, stretching over 2.3 miles. Connecting the town of Dona Ana to Vila de Sena, this bridge plays a vital role in enhancing regional connectivity and supporting economic activities.

Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge – 1.5 Miles (2.37 Km)
Named after the former Mozambican president, the Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge is a 1.5-mile-long structure that spans the Bay of Maputo. This bridge serves as a key transportation link, connecting the city of Maputo to the southern regions of Mozambique.

Qasr Al-Nil Bridge – 1.2 Miles (1.93 Km)
Located in the heart of Cairo, the Qasr Al-Nil Bridge is a 1.2-mile-long bridge that spans the Nile River. With its iconic design and strategic location, this bridge is not only a transportation route but also a symbol of the city’s history and culture.

Wouri Bridge – 1.1 Miles (1.8 Km)
The Wouri Bridge in Douala, Cameroon, is a critical infrastructure spanning the Wouri River. With a length of 1.1 miles, this bridge facilitates movement between the economic capital and the rest of the country, promoting trade and commerce.

Mkapa Bridge – 0.6 Miles (970 M)
Named after the late Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa, this bridge is a 0.6-mile-long structure that spans the Kilombero River. Completed in 2003, the Mkapa Bridge plays a crucial role in connecting the regions of Kilombero and Ulanga, fostering economic development.

Katima Mulilo Bridge – 0.56 Miles (900 M)
Closing the list is the Katima Mulilo Bridge in Namibia, spanning the Zambezi River with a length of 0.56 miles. This bridge enhances connectivity between Namibia and Zambia, facilitating trade and tourism in the region.

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