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Africa: Chinedu Mogbo’s Fight Against the Silent Extinction of African Grey Parrots

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African Grey Parrot

Chinedu Mogbo, a dedicated conservationist, found his life’s purpose in the eyes of an African Grey parrot in a wildlife market. The heart-wrenching conditions he witnessed drove him to establish a sanctuary in 2012, where he tirelessly works to rehabilitate and release 70 African Grey parrots seized from the illegal wildlife trade.

Mogbo’s journey began at the age of ten when his father took him to a wildlife market to acquire an African Grey parrot. Witnessing the dismal conditions and the thriving illegal pet trade left an indelible mark on him. Motivated by a deep sense of responsibility, he initiated the sanctuary to offer a second chance to animals rescued from the clutches of the illegal wildlife trade.

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The challenges persist, however, as the demand for African Grey parrots continues to fuel their depletion in the wild. Mogbo passionately addresses the grim reality of their feathers being used in traditional practices, leading to a rapid decline in their natural populations.

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In Mogbo’s words, “No matter how many we put back, they are still being taken out of the same forests. Their tails are plucked for traditional purposes, and people still desire them as pets due to their mimicry abilities. However, these birds do not thrive in captivity. Confined spaces rob them of their natural ability to fly, preventing them from living out their full lives.”

Mogbo’s fight is not just for the survival of African Grey parrots; it is a battle against the silent extinction looming over these majestic creatures. The article sheds light on the urgent need for collective action to curb the illegal pet trade and protect the habitats of these endangered birds before it’s too late.

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