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Africa: Compare and Contrast Nairobi and London in Perspectives

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Compare and Contrast Nairobi and London in Perspectives

Dailymail, a UK publication the other day ran a story: The brutal reality of life on Nairobi’s streets: The pictures that reveal the hardships of Kenya’s capital where gun crime is rife and young girls are forced to turn to prostitution.

Interestingly, it was published at a time when Nairobi was hosting one of the most iconic leaders of our time, Pope Francis. The timing of the negative pictorial was of course meant to water down the City’s successful hosting of the Pontiff and it made Western readers, a majority from UK happy. They were happy to call Kenya a basket case, calling Nairobi the most dangerous city and practically saying we need to be re-colonised to get any sort of progress, or happiness.

It is a fact that Nairobi is not perfect. It has got it’s share of problems, just like any other City. However, crime, drugs, prostitution is worse in most of the Western cities than it will ever be in Nairobi. We are amateurs when it comes to those vices.

Unlike what the West populace would like us believe, there is more strife on their polished streets than there is on the backstreet of Nairobi, or Dar es Salam, or Kampala. To prove this point, here is a compilation of pictures to show you the London they never show you as well as the Nairobi they never show you.




It is true that our cities are plagued with their own sort of problems, just like any other. But does the Western media has to only focus on that? Nairobi, for example is an amazing city and below is evidence…


…point is, Africa has her challenges, but that is not all there is in the continent. There is more good than bad. But foreign media chooses to report on just the bad. It just is not fair. Travel and experience.

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