Africa: Covid19 bans bites harder as Dubai blocks other airlines from carrying Nigerian Passengers

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After UK blocks passengers from Dubai from entering UK on the 29th of January the Emirates has responded in similar manner.

In a statement just sent to Nigerian Travel Trade Dubai Airports informed them that they cannot come to Dubai from Nigeria through Another Airport.

It is believed also that this might be a response to cases of Fake Negative PCR Test Certificates coming from Nigeria.

It is believed that the beneficiary Airline Emirates will start a Rapid Antigen Test at the Airport 4 hours before the Flight.

Only 2 Airlines Fly Direct to UAE from Nigeria. Emirates and Air Peace. Air Peace flies to Sharjah which is another Emirate. It is not clear if this Rule applies to Sharjah.

If it does then it creates a hurdle for Air Peace as it will not Immediately Ramp up the Rapid test capacity at the Airport when it starts flights on the 5th of February.

According to the statement other Airlines are protesting the move. They insist that it will create a Monopoly and cause an increase in prices which was gradually coming down even with the devaluation of the dollars.

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