Africa: Ethiopian Airlines takes delivery of two brand new A350 aircraft as it increase aviation capacity

Ethiopian boeing

Africa’s largest and most profitable carrier, Ethiopian Airlines has taken delivery of two brand new A350-900 aircraft as it deepens its aviation capacity the industry.

The two aircraft are part of the 10 new Airbus A350-900 it ordered in 2017, bringing the total number of its Airbus fleet to 16

According to, Chief Operating Officer at Ethiopian, Mesfin Tasew said the airline has been operating A350-900 for the last four years and the addition of these two new aircraft will increase the total to 16.

Ethiopian is taking delivery of these aircraft at a time when the entire air transport industry is under a big challenge due to COVID-19, he noted.

According to reports, many airlines have been down-sizing their operations. But Ethiopian on the other hand is adding new aircraft and expanding operation.

“This shows that Ethiopian Airlines is founded on a strong vision, capacity to execute its vision even though it has similar challenges to other airlines. ”

The Chief Operating Officer pointed out that Ethiopian had, among others, transported around five tons of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and IT equipment from France to Addis Ababa in partnership with Airbus foundation and other donors from Europe.

The humanitarian aid, medical supplies and equipment were accordingly delivered to Ministry of Health and a humanitarian organization which runs children’s hospital in Ethiopia.

Health State Minister, Seharela Abdullahi said on the occasion such kinds of support are crucial in countries like Ethiopia with poor infrastructure.

Citing the critical role played by the Ethiopian since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, she said “I would like to thank the tremendous support of Ethiopian Airlines for the fight against COVID-19.”



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