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Africa: Exploring South Eastern cuisines, wildlife and its aquatic tourism potentials – Umeokoli Cordis-Maria

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Miliken cuisines

Day 3: I was up early to prepare for the day’s activity which was set for 8:00am. The driver had long called to make sure I was ready just before time and same with Ebuking my tour partner.

We departed from our meeting point and headed to Ezeagu local government. It was about 30minuntes drive from the center of the city to Ezeagu local government where we pulled over by a small market to make some enquires about the direction to the waterfall.

We got a bike man from the market who offered to help us get to the waterfall for a token. With the bike man taking the lead, we drove about 15min on a straight road without seeing anyone on the same path with us and at this time I was feeling a little bit uneasy about the journey and I asked the driver to call the attention of the bike man (at this time I want to play the role of a detective.) The bike man said it’s lonely because the day was Afor market day and that everyone goes to the market and also not yet time for school run.

We drove about an extra 7 minutes and the bike man pulled over to give us an important information about Okpoku village that we were about to enter. He told us not to enter into the village with the vehicle because once the villagers at the entrance of the gate find out that we are tourists visiting the waterfall we would be charged so much before letting our vehicle out.

However, we parked the car in the neighbouring village called Obeleagu where we had freshly washed Abacha to eat. Leaving the driver behind we hopped on the bike and about 4minutes drive we got to Okpoku village gate where the masquerades are part of the security check, we paid a token and we were allowed to enter.

As we are descending the hill the sound of the waterfall has lightened up my spirit giving me so much joy even without a sight of it and finally we got to the base of the hill and there is this beautiful clear water fall rushing down with full force. We explored the environment, checked out the warm part of the water, took some pictures and we ascended the hill.

On ascending the hill, I asked the bike man to take us to another amazing place before going back to Obeleagu where the driver was waiting, meanwhile, the bike man told us earlier about monkeys and other animals habituating in the thick forest which crosses the roads at any time of the day, I waited for some minutes if by luck I would see any but there was none and we hoped on the bike and left for the second place.

We got to a small shallow river called OHU River. It’s known in the community for its abundance of fish, crayfish and crabs which we witnessed and was so astound. The bike man who is now our tour guide told us a little story on how to get a lot of fish and crabs from the river. We took some pictures and made our way back to Obeleagu where the driver was waiting for us.

As at 2pm we bid farewell to Ezeagu heading back to Enugu city, I asked the driver if we could locate Nsude in Udi local government where the said pyramid which was built in 1935 was located, but there was lots of argument in the car about the time and the location, but I insisted and I was so determined to visit the place, finally I was able to convince them and we zoomed off to Nsude, just about 30 minutes’ drive with the help of the goggle map we were able to get closer to the place.

We asked for directions and finally got in front of a little field like a village square, we asked some men about the pyramid. Hopefully, one of the men sited there was the assistant tour guide in charge of the pyramid and we told him what we came to do but the access fee he mentioned was so alarming but I left the issue for the men to handle.

After some minutes comes the lead tour guide with his scary frowned face saying the same amount which the assistant mentioned earlier, after much deliberation and pleading from the men the guides were still adamant, so at this point I stepped out of the car and went straight to the lead guide since the men were not able to convince him to bring down the price for us, I did my magic as always and the price was slashed into two and the access fee was paid.

I was hoping to see the pyramid at the back of the big tree but the Lead guide hopped on his bike and told us to follow his lead as we drove for about 4min on a lonely road until he pulled over.

I looked around but I found nothing, we walked into the bush just a little bit and he pointed to us a big heap of mud sand covered with grasses 5 on the left hand side of the road while the other 5 at the right side. I got disappointed because I was expecting to see something different from what I was seeing.

We spoke to the guide to at least cut down the grasses to enable one to see the heaped mud sand clearly. We also spoke to them about how beneficial tourism is for communities and he promised to speak to his king so they can do something about the grass. We departed Nsude and stopped over to grab some meal before heading home to prepare for the next day’s tour.

To be continued…

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