Africa: My First Experience Travelling On A Train


Some journeys can never be forgotten. It reverberates in our mind again and again. I had such an experience – the memory of my first train journey. I was invited to speak to some youths in Ogun state last weekend and I decided to explore my trip as I make an adventure by travelling with the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

That was my first time of boarding a train and the impression was really awesome.

After I settled down, I started chit-chatting with co-passengers. I discovered most of them were going to their home town in Ogun state to spend summer vacations or for the weekend break. (I made new friends as usual).

I sat by the window and looked at the passing scenery. Thereafter, the fields, enchanting gardens, vast plains, villages, roadside shops And markets, etc. sped before my sight. It was indeed a fascinating sight to me.

All the windows and doors were clocked because there were air conditions in the train. Passengers can also charge their phones or laptops because there were sockets on the wall of the train.

Within minutes, I was already in Ogun state (Ijoko precisely). And we all alighted from the train because that was the last bus stop for that trip. I was also told that this same train also goes to the north at a very cheap price. Who won’t like to experience a long distance journey in a serene and cool train? I think my next move will be to tour around Nigeria using the Nigerian Railways.

It’s high time we patronized our railway stations because I won’t like the Nigerian Railway Corporation to go into ‘extinction’ as the Nigerian Airways. Let’s patronize our system and grow it together.

And also, my stay in Ogun state was fantastic and it was nice to be blessing to the youths in Ogun state.

Source: @SIRInyenePhotography


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