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Africa: Founder of ABADJAYE, Benin Republic, Abadjaye Justin SODOGANDJI wins Africa Travel 100 Under 40 Award

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founder of ABADJAYE

Abadjaye Justin SODOGANDJI, the founder of ABADJAYE – Benin Republic has been named as one of the Africa Travel 100 under 40 award winners by the organisers of Akwaaba Travel Market, West Africa’s largest travel expo and Atqnews.com.

At the core of ABADJAYE lies an audiovisual enterprise dedicated to the art of capturing life’s essence. The company specializes in crafting documentary photos and videos that serve as a poignant testament to culture and traditions. Abadjaye’s passion reverberates through the lens, where his craft becomes a means of both celebration and preservation.

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His profound ardor for travel fuels a desire to uncover the essence that defines people, while simultaneously unearthing the profound tapestry of Africa’s identity. Through his work, he aspires to immortalize these narratives, ensuring they persist even in the face of potential oblivion, and ensuring that future generations are privy to their rich legacy.

ABADJAYE’s endeavors extend beyond the confines of a singular focus. Under Abadjaye’s guidance, two additional platforms have blossomed. The first, Vodoun Travel, sets its sights on promoting and facilitating journeys within the realm of indigenous religions. This distinctive platform seeks to unveil the intricate beauty of endogenous faiths, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation.

The second platform, “To tché min yon,” which translates to “My country is good,” encapsulates a profound love for Abadjaye’s homeland, Benin. Through his masterful photographic compositions, Abadjaye casts a spotlight on the splendor, vitality, and abundance that define Benin’s essence. This endeavor goes beyond mere photography; it serves as a declaration of love for his country and a means of sharing its treasures with the world.

In Abadjaye Justin SODOGANDJI, the convergence of passion, creativity, and purpose is vividly apparent. His artistic expressions transcend the ordinary, encapsulating the soul of cultures, traditions, and nations. As a recipient of the Africa Travel 100 under 40 award, Abadjaye stands as a beacon of inspiration, casting his gaze on a future where the beauty of the past is eternally cherished.

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