Africa: Gambia Tourism Board Receives Maiden Flight Of 189 Tourists From Poland

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The Gambia Tourism Board has received the first maiden flight from Poland with 189 on board arriving the West African country.

According to, the aircraft was received on arrival at the Banjul International Airport by officials of the Gambia Tourism Board as well as Tour Operators.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the landing, Foday Bah, officer-in-charging of e-marketing at GTBoard and the Marketing Department, said the flight was full with 189 passengers, adding: “The coming of this flight is very important to the destination as you can see last year, there was no flight from Poland.”

According to Bah, this is a very good moment for the tourism industry, and “I think it is really going to contribute immensely into the arrival figures”.

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“The is very good based on the statistical information that we are getting, and figures are very promising based on what we have seen,” he said, adding that this year is going to be a very good season with the efforts of GTBoard on e-marketing, promotions and other activities.

Bah therefore called on stakeholders to continue to sell the good image of the country.
“We need to market The Gambia as a tourism destination,” he said, adding that almost five flights landed at the airport that day bringing tourists to the destination.

Kemo Jammeh, Senior Guide, Alkamba Tours, said that was the first maiden flight from Poland, which is also promising.

“Today we received 189 tourists on board and the flight will come every week.” He also called on the airport authority to improve the air condition system at the airport.

“Gambia is a good destination, despite that we have limited eco-tourist site, but as usual it is always good for The Gambia.”




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