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Africa: Ghana’s Media Luminary, Abeiku Santana supports ecotourism with a gift of Land Rover vehicle to Mole National Park for Wildlife Preservation

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Mole National Park of Ghana Forestry

In a remarkable gesture of commitment to wildlife conservation, Ambassador Abeiku Santana, renowned media anchor and tourism envoy, has generously donated his carefully refurbished Land Rover Defender to the Mole National Park of Ghana Forestry Commission.

The iconic vehicle will play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall visitor experience at the park, marking a significant contribution to the preservation of Ghana’s natural treasures.

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Abeiku Santana, often celebrated as one of Ghana’s premier media personalities, has not only made a name for himself in broadcasting but has also distinguished himself as a staunch advocate for the country’s tourism sector. His dedication and unwavering efforts have had a positive impact not only on Ghana’s tourism but also on the broader African continent.

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The Mole National Park, established in 1958 and re-designated as a National Park in 1971, spans an impressive 4,840 km2 of undulating terrain with steep scarps.

Characterized by pristine Guinea savanna and adorned with gallery forests along rivers and streams, the park is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including over 90 mammal species such as elephants, buffalo, roan, kob, hartebeest, waterbuck, and four primate species. Notably, the park is also inhabited by lions, leopards, and hyenas, while boasting a rich avian population of over 300 recorded bird species.

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Abeiku Santana’s donation of his Land Rover Defender stands as a testament to his commitment to the conservation of Ghana’s natural heritage. The vehicle will not only aid in park management but also contribute to the overall welfare of the diverse wildlife that calls Mole National Park home.

As a great son of the nation, Santana’s actions underscore the importance of collective efforts in preserving and protecting the invaluable ecosystems that contribute to the beauty and richness of Ghana’s natural landscapes.


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