Africa: IbomAir issues a public apology to Air Travellers for the cancellation of the Abuja Calabar flight on Thursday


Nigeria’s startup carrier, Ibom Air has apologised to air travellers in the aviation for cancelling its Abuja-Calabar and Calabar-Lagos flight operations for operational reasons.

The carrier which had excellent operational performance in the sector said it had to cancel both flights due a technical snag developed by the aircraft.

According to a statement by the management of the airline, it said: “But like all human endeavors, we will fall short sometimes and for this fall, we are truly sorry!

“At Ibom Air, our commitment to our customers is schedule reliability, on time departures and excellent service. 99% of the time, we do just that. But once again earlier today, we fell short! Our aircraft scheduled to operate our flight Q1501 from Abuja to Calabar and then on from Calabar to Lagos, developed a technical snag on ground Abuja. Our best efforts to resolve the snag in good time failed, forcing us to have no choice but to cancel both flights.”

“We sincerely apologize for the huge inconvenience we know this has caused our highly valued customers, especially as it comes on the first day of a new month following a month in which we delivered excellent operational results, and worse still, at the start of one of the most important holiday weekends of the year! We are truly sorry!!!

“It is our priority to make safety and service quality of paramount importance in our deliverables to our customers. We do consider the patronage of our customers an extraordinary privilege and one we do not take lightly or for granted.

“We are busy rescheduling these flights and making every effort to recover our esteem in the minds and hearts of our passengers affected by this sad event.

“Our priority now is to strive to make up for it by trying even harder going forward!

The carrier recently won the Airline of the Year award in the aviation sector for its remarkable on time performance and schedule reliability.

Ibom Air operated a total of 2,512 flights with 97% Schedule reliability and 98% on time performance (OTP) in 2019 and operated a total of 4,410 flights with97% Schedule reliability and 98% on time performance (OTP) in 2020.

The airline had a total of 6,922 flights operated with 97% Schedule reliability (consolidated) and 98% on time performance (consolidated) in 2019 and 2020.


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