Africa: International aviation operations to resume in Kenya August 1, as local air travel commence 15th July

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The Kenyan Government has given the nod for international air operations to commence in the nation’s aviation sector on August 1st as the country begins to ease the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to new Presidential guidelines on COVID-19 pandemic issued by the government, it said local air travel will resume in the country on 15th of July 2020.

The guideline states that transport of goods between borders will continue in the country under the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport’s guidelines.

It stated that Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera lock down ends effective 7th July and subject to a review after 21 days adding that the nationwide curfew will continue for 30 more days.

It said: “Religious services (Churches and Mosques) to have maximum 100 people per service observing social distancing. Persons under age 13 and above age 58 are restricted from attending religious gatherings (at risk group). Special programmes (Sunday School, Madrassa) are suspended for 30 days, and must not convene elderly persons. Imuno-compromised and the unwell should not attend, join or convene for religious gatherings.

On wedding and funerals ceremonies in the country, the guidelines stated: “Existing advisory is extended for 30 days. Maximum 15 people is to attend with observations of social distancing.

“Political and other social gatherings remain suspended for 30 days. Restaurants, bars and pubs to continue take-away service.”

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