Africa: Mauritius Tourism adopts bold post-COVID-19 digital transformation plan


As the world braces for post-COVID-19 realities, the Board of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Association (MTPA) has adopted a comprehensive digital transformation strategy which will radically transform the way Mauritius markets itself as a tourist destination.

This resolution was made at the board’s last meeting on the 16th July 2020, and revealed in a press statement signed by Director of MTPA, Arvind Bundhun.

According to a recent study commissioned by the MTPA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought the local tourism industry to a standstill, the island remains an attractive destination on all its source markets.

The study highlighted that tourism promotion should be supported by an integrated strategy of data collection through the implementation of research tools to better understand travelers’ needs and requirements.

The new digital strategy is based on three main pillars namely: a complete revamping of the MTPA’s online platforms and a thorough review of its social media and digital marketing strategy; the setting up of a data/business intelligence warehouse; and the creation of a national online reservation platform.

According to the Chairman of the MTPA, Nilen Vencadasmy, “By initiating this Digital Transformation, the MTPA is gearing up for the reopening of Mauritius and giving a new impetus to the destination.

We believe that collaboration and partnerships with the industry stakeholders in this digital transformation, will play an important role to support this recovery.

The recent Market Analysis report that we commissioned confirms that we were already on the right track.”

The different associations of private operators have been instrumental to the thinking process.

The MTPA has worked in close collaboration with the Association Hoteliers and Restaurants in Mauritius (AHRIM) and the Association of Inbound Operators of Mauritius (AIOM) amongst others throughout lockdown to devise a comprehensive recovery strategy for the industry.

Mr. Jean Michel Pitot, Chairman of the AHRIM, who co-chairs a Joint Public-Private Committee on Post-COVID 19 response together with Mr. Vencadasmy declared: “Right from day one, we have worked in a collaborative manner and I am glad that the destination is now working towards a forward-looking approach which will allow us to make evidence-based decisions when it comes to promoting Mauritius in our different markets.” 

For Mr. Bruno Lebreux, Chairperson of AIOM, “This joint initiative is commendable and we are extremely confident that these investments will bear fruits in the near future.”

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