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Africa: McKinsey Health Institute’s Shows Nigeria and Cameroon rank 4th and 5th in the world for employee well-being

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McKinsey Health Institute

In a groundbreaking survey on employee well-being, Nigeria and Cameroon have emerged as global frontrunners, securing the impressive 4th and 5th positions, respectively, for Holistic Health.

According to a report by africa.businessinsider.com, the survey done by McKinsey Health Institute’s 2023 and released on Thursday, shows Nigeria and Cameroon secured the top positions in African countries for employee well-being, both recording an impressive rating of 69%, followed by Egypt at 63%.

The survey participants from Nigeria indicated that 72% were in good social health, 69% were in physical health, 79% were in spiritual health, and 79% were in mental health. The average globally was 57%.

Meanwhile, survey participants in Cameroon reported the lowest rates of burnout symptoms at workplaces at 9%. The global average of burnout was 20%. The survey participants from Cameroon also indicated that 74% were in good social health, 63% were in physical health, 84% were in spiritual health, and 80% were in mental health.

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Turkey topped the list of countries with the highest employee well-being, while Japan came in last with 25%, according to the global poll. Turkey was highest at 78%, followed by 76% for India and 75% for China, as the report found that employees who had positive work experiences reported better holistic health, were more innovative at work, and had improved job performance.

Japan came in last in a global ranking of employees’ well-being, scoring 25% in the poll. The survey participants from Japan indicated that 30% were in good social health, 74% were in physical health, 24% were in spiritual health, and 42% were in mental health.

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The report found that 22 per cent of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms at work across the 30 countries, although there are substantial variances between countries.

It noted that, “Organizational, team, job, and individual interventions that address demands and enablers can boost employee holistic health. These may include flexible working policies, leadership trainings, job crafting and redesign, and digital programs on workplace health.”

The McKinsey Health Institute released the findings of a survey that questioned over 30,000 workers across 30 countries. They assessed their social, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being to determine the survey.

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