Africa: Mohammed Hersi leaves as Chairman of Kenya Tourism Federation ends after four years and two terms


After serving the Kenya Tourism Federation as Chairman for four years completing two terms, the tenure of Mohammed Hersi has finally come to an end.

Hersi will be handing the baton to Fred Odek of Silver Tours, his erstwhile Vice Chairman for the same period. Alex Avedi of Fly Safarilink is expected to come in as new Vice Chair.,

Born and raised in Kenya, Mohammed Hersi is a passionate tourism professional with a keen desire to showcase the unique attractions of Kenya and develop the hospitality offering.

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As Chairman of Kenya Tourism Federation, he has been pivotal in promoting Kenya as a prominent tourism destination to partners across the globe.

Mohammed has enjoyed an extensive career in tourism, presiding over some of the finest hotels in the coast region and safari circuit.

His experience has enabled a widespread understanding of regional tourism with a focus on quality service delivery and client satisfaction.

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Through this experience he has a fundamental understanding of the commercial aspects of the tourism cycle.

Hersi thanked the entire board and the industry for the support they accorded him during my tenure, saying, “It was a challenging period but I leave KTF a stronger voice on matters of tourism as the umbrella body. I also want to thank Government for all the support they have given us.”

I have no doubt in my mind that the new team will raise the bar to an even higher level. As always I choose to remain an optimist.” He concluded.

Here at, we want to a wish Mohammed Hersi the best of luck in his endeavours as he moves on to another level.

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