Africa: My tourism exploration to Miliken Hill, Enugu, its surrounding caves and waterfalls – Umeokoli Cordis-Maria

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My journey to the eastern part of Nigeria began on November 8, 2020. It was an hour flight through Air Peace airline enroute Akanu ibiam international airport.

I walked out of the gate of the airport to get a bus to my aunt’s house where I would be spending the night. It was about 6:45pm and seems all vehicles approaching are filled up with passengers.

There was a taxi packed beside me with luggage’s but no one was in it, few minutes later a man with two beautiful ladies walked out from the airport gate towards the taxi and entered into the car but before the man could enter into the car I approached him asking if I would get a taxi or something from the spot I was standing but one of the ladies replied me, she asked me to ride with them to a place it would be easier for me to get a bus.

However, to my greatest surprise the lady asked the driver to drop me to my destination before continuing her journey.

My aunt who had been calling every 5min finally saw me in front of the house and my phone got to rest. Thereafter, I called my friend Ebuka who has been awaiting my arrival so we can discuss about the destination we would be starting with. Ebuka is a tourism enthusiast and also the founder of Ebuking tour.

Day 2: The day’s activities were set to begin by 8am. We got to a meeting point which is at Okpara square bus stop. We boarded a bus from the bus stop going to Ngwo. We made our way through Miliken hill and we alighted just in front of Ngwo pine forest.

We explored the pine forest, took some pictures and made our way down to the cave and waterfall. It was about 20 to 25minutes walk from the forest to the cave and waterfall. Ebuking who has visited the cave and waterfall severely showed me another cave which was recently discovered and can be accessed through a forest shrub just very close to the cave.

I tried climbing the rock using the shrub but to no avail. But I made am attempt of climbing it by another means but couldn’t succeed. We took some pictures of the cave and the waterfall and ascended back to the pine forest for a quick rest before we depart.

But before we departed, we made a decision to walk through the natural rollercoaster (Miliken hill) in other to get amazing photos of the hill and also to get a view of Enugu metropolis. It took us about 50minutes to complete this task and we both retired to our homes to prepare for the next day’s exploration.

To be continue…

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