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Africa: NAQS To Spearhead Agricultural Product Export Growth Through Stringent Measures and Capacity Building at 3rd Aviacargo Conference

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Agricultural Quarantine Service

In a bid to bolster Nigeria’s agricultural exports and tap into global markets, the Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) has been making significant strides. Dr. Ubogoro Oniovosa Favour, Director of NAQS, highlighted these efforts at the 3rd CHINET Aviacargo conference.

Established under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, NAQS plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products exported from Nigeria. By preventing the entry and spread of foreign pests and diseases, NAQS maintains the integrity of Nigeria’s agricultural exports while promoting sanitary and phytosanitary standards.

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One of NAQS’s key contributions lies in its stringent quarantine measures. The agency conducts inspections, sampling, and testing of agricultural products, ensuring they meet the strict import requirements of other countries. This is crucial, as many nations have regulations in place to safeguard against pests and diseases that could threaten their agriculture and environment.

The NAQS has also focused on capacity building and training programs. These initiatives educate farmers, exporters, and stakeholders about best practices in post-harvest handling, packaging, and storage of agricultural products. Armed with enhanced production techniques and quality control, Nigerian exporters are better positioned to meet international market demands.

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While there have been notable successes, challenges persist. Fruit flies, white flies, fungal leaf spots, and diseases such as African swine fever remain concerns. Furthermore, poor cooperation among exporters, farmers, clearing agents, and other government agencies, along with inadequate infrastructure and facilities, hinder seamless exports.

To address these hurdles, the NAQS is actively working to establish disease and pest-free farm zones certified for export. Collaboration is a cornerstone of their strategy, as they emphasize the importance of unity in the agricultural sector. The agency also invites investors to contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s agricultural exports.

Dr. Favour also stressed the importance of proper certification and documentation processes for agro products. While celebrating the progress made, he emphasized the need for action beyond mere discussions and meetings.

On the horizon, the NAQS continues its mission to elevate Nigeria’s position in the global agricultural export market. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement, Nigeria’s agricultural exports are poised for a brighter future.

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