Africa: Ngala indigenes in Borno State Nigeria kills stray Lioness that attacked people


The indigenes of Ngala town in Borno State, Nigeria have killed a lioness which invaded the village, killing some of the natives and injuring a few.

The angry villagers who were upset about the deaths inflicted by the lioness on the town went after it in a revenge mission and killed it.

Severed parts of the dead lioness could be seen on social media, where its dismembered body was being dangled by the natives. This not the first time a wildcat will be killed for attacking humans.

According to, in 2016, Kenyan rangers killed a lion that pounced on a man in a crowd after it escaped from a park in the capital of Nairobi. The man, who was hospitalized with deep lacerations and bruises, had joined hundreds of bystanders surrounding the animal.

The death of Mohawk, a majestic 13-year-old big cat so named because of the shape of his black mane, sparked an outcry among Kenyans. Citizens used hashtag #JusticeforMohawk to ask why rangers did not tranquilize him instead.

Also, in 2016, residents of Jos, the Plateau State capital, heaved a sigh of relief when a lion which escaped from the Jos Wild Life Park was found and shot dead within the premises of the park.

The lion escaped from the park situated at Dong community of Jos North Local Government Area thereby causing panic among residents of nearby Dong, State and Federal Low-cost housing estates, Rantiya, Miango Road and Tudun Wada. The lion which has been caged in the park since 1972 was said to have escaped at about 8am when park attendants went to the cage to feed it but a staff of the Tourism Cooperation confirmed “the lion was sighted within the park premises and shot dead before it could cause any harm to people.”




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