Africa: Nigeria joins the rest of the world to mark International Museum Day 2020


The National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) of Nigeria has joined the rest of the world to mark this year’s International Museum Day with the theme “Museums for Equity: Diversity and Inclusion.”

The International Museum day is set aside by the International Council on
Museums (ICOM) to raise awareness about the importance of museums as
vehicles of cultural exchange, enrichment and the development of mutual
understanding, cooperation and peace amongst peoples of the world.

This year’s theme highlights the place of museum in respecting every culture and its people as equal and important agencies for human understanding. co-operation and development.

In a message signed by Aliyu Abdul, Director (Overseeing the of the DG) of the NCMM, stated “that through equal cultural representation, the museum becomes the foremost institution in appreciating peoples diversity through promoting inclusivity in its operations.

The theme invariably celebrates museum as an agency that
can overcome prejudice and challenge notions of cultural superiority and other complexes that leads to misunderstanding, intolerance, and social

Over generations, the museum has found relevance in all times by craving an engaging space in the cultural, social, economic and political realities of communities, societies and nations.

Today, as the world confronts the debilitating effects of COVID-19 global pandemic, the museum institution should equally rise to the occasion and contribute its quota in support of a common struggle for human survival.

We are at the crossword of history witnessing a very delicate moment which is likely to bring lasting economic, social and cultural change which institutions like the museum should critically reflect upon.

As we look forward with determination and hope to defeat the ravaging virus invasion, this year’s IMD should be remembered for museum’s resilience in mobilizing and uniting people through its unique resources and operations.

The Nigerian museum professionals will not lag behind in collections, proactive engagements through preservation and documentation of artifacts, images, documents and other relevant materials that tells the story of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria and how the country and its peoples deploy their cultural and natural heritage resources to confront the challenges.

The NCMM Board and Management wish to salute the entire workers of the museum spread across Nigeria as they continue to abide by the prescribed measures adopted by the Federal and State Governments in the fight against COVID-19.

Various categories of museum workers have continued to provide safeguard to the National cultural asset which the
museum represents while exchange of ideas continues to flourish on digital platforms about the role the museum in this global pandemic period and beyond.

I am happy to conclude that despite the bleak atmosphere occasioned by
this global pandemic, the museum staffs in Nigeria and its Institution have
resolved to move ahead through innovative initiatives designed to deliver programmes, that will serve its public.

NCMM has initiated a grand plan through public- private partnership for the expansion of museum operations through 3 dimensional virtual/augmented mixed reality format for the existing Nigerian museums and Heritage sites.

The IT unit of the Commission will be upgraded to effectively serve wider publics more effectively through the modern digital platforms.

It is now an accepted fact of modern life that equality and inclusivity can best be achieved through the
use of modern Information Technology.

Our various museums across the country must therefore brace up and deploy this medium as the veitable tool in modern museum operations to reach out to its wider communities and the public.

I wish all museum practitioners and stake holders across the globe a successful museum day celebration with God’s mercies as we continue to stay safe.

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