Africa: Nigeria not excluded from tourist visas as Dubai Immigration commences issuance to international passengers


The Dubai Immigration Authorities have commenced the issuance of visit and tourist visa for passengers from all countries, contrary to the notion that Nigeria has been banned by the emirates.

According to, a circular being shared from Amer 24/7 government transactions centre, indicates that Dubai has opened all visas coming from all countries.

“There will be no more restrictions coming from any country for all allowed nationalities,” the circular added.

Amer centres, which manage visa related issues in Dubai, confirmed that visit and tourist visas were being issued for people outside the UAE.

However, people would need to reach out to tourist agencies to apply for them.

Step 1: Find out if air travel has resumed between the countries.
You should first confirm if regular flight operations have resumed between the two countries.

If regular scheduled flights are being operated between the country or origin and the UAE, you can easily apply for a visit or tourist visa.

If, however, normal flight operations have not resumed and the two countries are only flying special repatriation flights, it is advisable to wait until regular operations resume.

Step 2: Apply for a visit/tourist visa
You can then apply for a tourist or visit visa. Currently, the visas are being issued by emirate of Dubai.

According to various travel agencies Gulf News spoke with, applicants would be required to provide the following documents:

1, Passport copy of the visa applicant

2, Photograph with a white background

3, Applicants from some countries may be asked to also provide their National ID

Documents required for applying for a tourist or visit visa

4, Some travel agencies may require the UAE resident’s passport and visa copies who is applying for the visit visa.

You may also be required to submit your passport and visa details, if you are applying for a visit visa for a friend or family.

Step 3: Make the payment
You can apply for a 30-day or 90-day visa. Most agencies are offering the cost, inclusive of the compulsory health insurance, which covers COVID-19.

Health insurance is mandatory, and it should cover COVID-19.

However, confirm these details with the travel agency before making a payment.

Cost of visit or tourist visa to the UAE
30 days – Dh450
90 days – Dh1,100

Do I need a GDRFA approval?
You would not require a GDRFA approval, according to tourist agencies.

The visit or tourist visa is issued by GDRFA.

Step 4: Visa approval
The visa approval takes approximately two to three working day.

Some agencies may ask you to show your return ticket booking before releasing the visa.

Step 5: Make the ticket booking
When you are booking your tickets, it is important to stay update with the latest requirements for COVID-19 testing and how early you need to get the test done.

Once you receive an approval, you can go ahead and make your flight bookings.

While Dubai does not require a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all arrivals, anyone who tests positive at the airport would be required to go under quarantine. Violation of quarantine can lead to a fine of Dh50,000.


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