Africa: Nigerian Domestic Aviation Terminal MMA2 set to impound cars that pick up airline passengers on arrival


The Airport managers of Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal II (MMA2), has ordered all Cars to pay for parking to pick up arriving Pax.

This is likely to be unpopular as its Car Park does not have free parking spaces or minutes.

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of the terminal said effective 12th July 2021, it will commence the enforcement of its “No Pick Up at ‘the Drop-off Zone”.

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A statement by the operators said all terminal users will be required to board their vehicle or taxi cabs at the designated Car Parks – the Multi-storey Car Park or the Car Hire Bay which Charge at Least N400 for Parking.

It said terminal users will no longer be allowed to board their vehicles or taxi cabs at the drop-off zone, adding that Drop-Off zone of the terminal is strictly for dropping off as clearly stated on the signage along the area. No reason was given for this change.

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But airport users are of the opinion that the dwindling income may have forced the owners to introduce more avenues to make more money. This new law will force every arriving passenger to pay for parking and will discourage the use of Uber or Bolt as an extra N400 will increase the cost of the trip.

“We are counting on your support to ensure a smooth transition into this process which is for the safety of all terminal users.
“We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to having a continued relationship of mutual benefit.”

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