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Africa: No African country appeared in the top 20 countries that patronizes Pornhub

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The false claim published by several blogs and mainstream news websites in Ghana last week places the country in the second spot after Nigeria.

It is not true that Ghana is ranked among the world’s top porn watching countries by Pornhub.

This cannot be true for several reasons, with internet connectivity being the first factor.

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According to myjoyonline.com, Ghanaians are not that big on internet usage to want to devote that much to watching porn, to the extent that they will trump countries where the internet is so widely available, and a whole lot faster and cheaper.

The country that watches the most pornography, according to the Pornhub website, is the United States.

Also, in the porn website’s 2019 Year in Review, the US tops the list of countries, followed by Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada and France in that order.

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Indeed, the US from the 2019 chart (see below) had more people visiting Pornhub than patrons from the next four highest-ranked countries combined.

Ghana and, in fact, no African country shows up in the top 20 countries that patronise Pornhub.

Where Ghana and Nigeria feature, which is what is being misconstrued, is in the countries that prefer big beautiful women or BBW.

The ranking, done in 2015 by the porn website, stated, “worldwide, it’s still countries from the African continent that proportionately search the most for BBW videos. Again, Nigeria takes the top spot, followed by Ghana, Kenya and Egypt.”

In effect, individuals in these countries are more interested in plus-sized female porn stars, not the skinny kind often featured in western magazines.

Hopefully, this puts to bed, the false claim about the two West African countries’ affinity for porn.

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