Africa: Okomu National Park management, Oil firm rescues trapped male elephant at tourism site


A combined team of rescue operators from the Managements of Okomu National Park and The Okomu Oil Plc, have rescued a trapped male Tusker which fell into a ditch at the park.

According to a press release by the agency, the forest elephant bull, (Loxodonta africana cyclotis), got trapped on its way for a drink in one of the isolated ditches within the Park, underrating the depth of the drinking point, it got trapped.

It said immediate and frantic efforts were put in place to carefully ensure its safe rescue, with tremendous support from the Management of The Okomu Oil Palm Company plc, led by Dr. Graham Hefer, who, visibly concerned of the safety of the trapped bull, quickly provided and deployed the needed logistics- an Excavator and Payloader articulated vehicles, alongside personnel to the site of operation.

According to the press release, the Conservator of Okomu National Park, CP, Kareem, had earlier directed the field officers to cordon off the site, and ensure that the rescue mission recorded huge success.

With appropriate framework put in place to facilitate successful rescue, all were set to the site, and the bull was finally rescued and released to the wild unhurt.

National Park Service- Okomu National Park Management acknowledges with thanks, the tremendous supports from the Management of the Okomu Oil Palm Plc. for the logistics support, and for ensuring that a hitch-free rescue mission was accentuated.

Above all, its no longer news that the Park still parades charismatic wildlife species such as the forest elephant, bufalloes, various species of antelopes, reptiles, birds, insects, and still remained one of the greenest and intact areas within the Edo State Forest Reserves.

Thanks to the aggressive, and collaborative, joint anti-poaching operations and stringent strategies and framework put in place by the Management of Okomu National Park, led by CP Kareem, who had echoed loud and clear that It will no longer be Business as Usual to illegal logging, unsustainable concession regimes, and a no- safe haven for organized crimes and criminality.

The CP had sworn that despite monumental threats to both his life and that of officers and men of the Park, in abduction, petitions, orchestrated and tailored arrest and detention of collaborative partners, frameups, mistrust and distrust, an amalgam of law suits, etc, Park Management continued to remain Resolute and Focussed to carry out this singular Nature call to serve.

With all these risks taken, and continued to be taken, it will always be Park Management’s considered view and belief that more of these iconic wildlife species will even be sighted everywhere within and around the Park, if their habitats are guaranteed and allowed to subsist.

One would wonder aloud that in spite of the recorded threats to their habitat, as a consequence of illegal destruction of the forest, these Pachyderms can still be sighted with relative ease, what more if their places of abode were not disturbed: the indices of disturbances within and around the Park are legion- 3-years concession regime to log by regional government, absence of Forest Reserve to even carry out the logging operations by organized logging Groups and Associations, primordial statutory interest and concerns, and unprofessional implementation of Forestry laws, amongst others.

Park Management has taken such risks to do the needful: aggressively protecting the integrity of Okomu National Park…away from these monumental anti conservation activities. WHAT A MAXIMUM RISK!!

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