Africa: Pearlwort Hotel is launched, plans to redefine fine dining experience in Lagos

By Renn Offor

Pearlwort Hotel and Suites was officially launched into the African hospitality market as the owners strategically fixed the event to coincide with the first of October which is the Independence Day of Nigeria, even as the hotel carries its lofty ambition to become the star indigenous hotel, owned and run exclusively by Nigerians and by extension Africans.

It was a unique way to formally launch an indigenous Nigerian hotel which enriched guests experiences with its uncompromised flair of international standards beautifully mixed with that special hospitality for which Africa is noted.

The launch, exceeding expectations was generously graced by top government and society bigwigs.

Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Honourable Mudashiru A. Obasa, while making his speech after the official tape cutting to formerly declare open the hotel, praised the owners, saying their business gesture and investment on the facility ‘Must be commended’.

pearl-receptionHonourable Mudashiru went on to say that, ‘This is a demonstration that in spite of the current challenges the country is undergoing now, this venture is a pass mark that the owners still believe in the entity called Nigeria and has hopes that things would get better’.

Mr. Folarin-Coker, the Honourable Commissioner for Tourism Lagos State was equally present, as well as the Lagos State’s Permanent Secretary for Ministry for Arts and Culture. Several industry leaders, and top business executives were present.

The event commenced with a documentary on the history and struggles of Nigeria before and through the era of the independence.

Guests were simultaneously treated to assorted Nigerian and continental dishes with small chops, assorted fruits, beef and chicken delicacies of all shades and types, creams and cakes, more juices and wines. And all these were happening in the presence of a live band which treated guests to the best of African and international hit songs, ranging from soul to hip-hop, jazz to Nigerian local hits.

pearl-restaufrantPearlwort Hotel and Suites is beautifully tucked away in the serene Impressive Close off L.J Dosunmu Street within the Central Business District of Alausa in Ikeja, and passes for a luxury boutique hotel judging by its structure, facility and great services the hotel offers.

The hospitality, promptness in attending to guests requests, a variety of local and continental dishes that awakens your taste buds to the lure of good food and those touches of amiable friendliness that exudes from the staff is sure to captivate any discerning traveller or guest whois eager to discover a home away from home, which obviously might make you want to visit again.

‘We are overwhelmed by the impressive turn out for this official launch of Pearlwort Hotel and Suites. The turn out from every nooks and crannies; from the seat of government, the entertainment industry, and the corporate world… everybody was around. I’m glad about that, and we’re not disappointed at all. Much more people than we expected but we were able to manage it’, says Mr. Daniel Lord is, General Manager, Pearlwort Hotel and Suites.

pearl-5Speaking about the lofty vision of the hotel, Mr. Lord is enthused that Pearlwort Hotel is ‘Out to standout, and we intend to achieve that through a number of ways, which we see as our own secrets!’

He decided to reveal some of them saying, ‘But I can tell you a little of them.
Every good business is driven by a very good vision. One of our decisions is to ensure that we redefine dining experience. When you go around various hospitality outfits around the world, you would see a lot and experience a lot, including culinary experiences. And here, it is one of the things we have set out to be one of our unique selling points’.

Having over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality business, the General Manager revealed that another vital aspect that stands Pearlwort out is their process of reaching out to ‘Employ the very best in the industry.

We get the very best of hands, give them the best training, and ensure that we deliver the very best in services.

‘That is very important for us to ensure that we satisfy our guests. And as you have observed, everyone is happy and satisfied. I don’t expect anything less than that everybody would be happy, everybody would be excited,’ Mr. Daniel asserted.
Some of the guests who African Travel News spoke with praised the quality and class of the hotel.

KSB, a Gospel artist, and a politician had this to say: I’m a lover of good hotels and I’m highly impressed about the event! The hotel surpassed my expectations! We’ve been seeing a lot of hotels here and there; so I thought Pearlwort would just add up to be one of such. You can’t call them a 3-star or 4-star rated hotel. You know, you just call them a hotel. But this one has some international touch.

I would classify this hotel as a 5-star hotel in all ramifications and by all standards, particularly the food! And the ambience, the space, the number of rooms, the quality of the details, the bathrooms and the convenience, the wash-hand basin; adequate lounges, the car park and the serenity of the hotel… excellent! The hotel is well tucked in. you won’t believe this kind of hotel still exists in Ikeja! Ikeja is choked but they were able to find this serene, quiet and daring environment… It’s beautiful!’

Mr. Ayoola Shadare, organizer of the Lagos International Jazz Festival, said that, ‘First, I’m glad I’m talking to you after I’ve eaten! In fact, the food here is great! From the background of what I do, I’m a user of hotels! I must say that in this area of town, you don’t find this kind ofinvestment, a hotel of this star rating.

The hotels one find around are those of international brands and of international hotel chains; I mean on the mainland of Lagos. But it is interesting to realize that that this hotel is both indigenously owned and also run. That for me shows what our people can do, and it will give confidence to international travellers to see what we can offer. I just pray for them that they continue to build this indigenous brand and take it higher’.

‘I am Barrister Yemi Dosu, and I’m a friend to the both the chairman and MD of the hotel. We have had a fantastic time here, and I will surely recommend it to my friends. The hospitality has been fantastic, the service is excellent and it’s of international standards. I’m privileged to experience something so fantastic in Nigeria’.

Mr. Friday Oloh, a retired Insurance Practitioner, praised the facility, saying, ’The facility is just marvelous and fantastic! I think it to be a very top hotel considering what I have seen and experienced here today.

Everything is just right, there’s nothing to add further here. I’m satisfied and happy about such a place like this. It’s not often you step into such hotel with a world class outlook like this one’.

Engineer Ajayi Kehinde: ‘I’m one of the people who did one or two works here back in the days! It’s a great pleasure for me to be here and to behold how this place has transformed…it’s beautiful!

My name is Folarin. It’s a lovely place! It’s a place where many of the residents like me who have been looking out for places like this can come in and feel the same luxury and ambience of a top class hotel like in Victoria Island here! We’ve been longing to have places like this we can actually feel that we’re comfortable’.

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