Africa: “Real change takes courage” – Alain St. Ange

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Canadian media specialist, Bea Broda writes an interesting review of tourism expert and candidate of One Seychelles political party in the coming presidential elections.

According to St. Ange, “Voters must stand up to do what is right, and not what is easy” because “Change takes faith – real change takes courage.”

Please read the full story by Bea Broda below…

These are the wise words of Alain St. Ange, who is currently running for President of Seychelles, a beautiful series of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, close to Mauritius and Reunion Island. They sound like words that can apply to any election that is currently underway, and St Ange adds so much insight to this equation with the experience he has had in the world as Seychelles’ former Minister of Tourism.

It is under that umbrella that I got to know him as a journalist, while covering the island and its fabulous International Carnival. In fact, he was a brain child behind the inception of the carnival, as he sought innovative ways to attract visitors there, despite the challenges around the island country being a seemingly far-flung location east of Africa.

In partnership with other national leaders in the Indian Ocean, he created and branded a new tourism region which is now known as the Vanilla Islands of the Indian Ocean, thereby infusing this group of islands with the organized strength of teamwork, comparable to the branding that is enjoyed by the Caribbean islands.

As a diplomat, St. Ange benefits from his lengthy career from the trenches on up, and is as tireless as he is razor-focused.

His unflagging dedication to tourism, which directly affects every sector of the economy, has been admirable.

His realistic approach in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is one that can give the citizens of Seychelles a sense of security and hope.

The following are words written by Alain St. Ange, which encapsulate his inspiring message of inclusion of all of the people who call Seychelles home.

It is a brave move for a country to create a new political party, but the ONE Seychelles party’s objectives capture the imagination of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds who wish to work together to build and re-build the economy in peace and strength.

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