Africa: Soffer Initiative Project takes delivery of divers’ kits for the recovery of abandoned nets at Badagry tourism destination


As a way of ensuring that the ecosystem at the Badagry tourism destination is free from debris that could be injuries to ocean bodies, the Soffer Initiative Project, has taken delivery of a set of divers’ kit for onshore and offshore recovery abandoned fishing nets in the region.

The initiative by the body is also intended to save guard the livelihood of local fishermen region that have been denied good catches by abandoned nets in the waters.

According to the coordinator, Soffer Initiative Project, Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures, it is hoped that the recovered abandoned fishing nets will help the fishermen to make bountiful catch and also make the nets available to those who participated in the craft workshop organised at Badagry.

He said the recovered nets will be kept at the HUBNET at Ilaje Fishing Village, Gberefu Badagry.

According to him, “It is sad that abandoned fishing nets in our oceans and water ways are becoming more and are dangerous to the eco system. And these abandoned nets continue to kill marine water animals and catch fishes that nobody have access to. When this happens these fishes get spoilt in the sea and these are fishes that ought to have been caught by the fishermen.”

“People often wonder why fishes are expensive in the Badagry area. There are many reasons, but the case of abandoned fishing nets that we at SOFFER INITIATIVE are concerned about is one of the reasons.”



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