Africa: Speculating post-COVID-19 tourism in Nigeria


The Coronavirus COVID-19 took the world by surprise and before anyone knew what was going on, it became a global pandemic. As it is, no one knows when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, and there are fears that current protest rallies around the world could make things worse.

No one can categorically predict how the world is going to move on from the pandemic. Every country and business sector is going to feel an impact from the pandemic. The tourism sector in Nigeria will be one example.

The Africa Report states that about 24,000 jobs relating to tourism in Nigeria have been lost due to the pandemic. The temporary closure of airports in the country was a significant concern. Some travel agents are even asking for a bailout from the national government.

Nigeria’s tourism industry will change due to the pandemic. The ways how it will change will be worth noting, especially given how reliant the country is on outside tourists.

Virtual Experiences Become More Prominent

Virtual and online activities could see a rapid increase during the pandemic, as some might be more interested in going on virtual tours to Nigeria. They may not want to travel to Nigeria to see things firsthand.

Additionally, people might be interested in online casinos in Nigeria instead of traditional land-based ones, for instance. Those would prefer to be at online casinos than to be in crowded land-based properties in Nigeria, thus prompting them to visit and other websites.

Others might not want to travel because their financial situations have become too difficult to figure. They aren’t willing to travel due to this uncertainty, thus making virtual experiences more appealing.

A Return to Nature
However, for those who decide to explore Nigeria, visiting the cities of Nigeria, or some of the unique ethnic territories or villages in the country, will most likely not be an option. They may be more interested in visiting some of the forests and other natural sites around the country, places where people aren’t crowded together.

The Niger River Delta could become a more enticing site for tourism. The Orashi and Bayelsa National Forests are two sites that are of note in this region. The Cross River National Park near the border with Cameroon is another site that may become popular.

People may also be more interested in seeing the natural wildlife habitats that appear throughout Africa. These include elephants at the Yankari National Park. The unique natural wonders of Africa have fascinated people around the world for generations. Expect tourist activities to start focusing on those things in the future, especially in Nigeria.

Lagos Could Be Impacted
Lagos has long been one of the most popular sites for tourism in Africa. It is the largest city in Africa, and it has become a beloved hub for the African culture. But the worry about the pandemic is that the urban surroundings of Lagos might not be appealing to visitors in the future.

The point is valid for the markets and festivals throughout the country. Many of the markets, dining spaces, nightclubs, and other attractions in Lagos shut down as the pandemic began. The shutdowns took place to keep the virus from spreading. But there are still worries about how well the virus may travel and if certain places need to reopen. Even those that do reopen may have limits over what they can offer to patrons.

Lagos might focus on other aspects of the area’s economy. It may focus on the telecommunications industry, especially as it becomes a hub for many telecom functions in Africa. The banking industry may also become more valuable to the region. While Lagos could aim to bring in people in the future, that doesn’t mean the city will be successful in bringing people back to the area.

It’s no surprise that so many people are not willing to travel to Nigeria, especially some of the more crowded sites. The tourism industry would have to focus on what it can do to make the places people can visit safer spots to enjoy. There’s still the worry that some people might not want to travel to some spots with all those safety regulations in play. Wearing a mask may not be comfortable, especially given how hot Nigeria can become in the summer.

The fear of what will happen with tourism in Nigeria is real. The industry could be in extreme ham in the future, especially as people become reluctant to travel to the area. The country must step up and find other points for how it can bring back tourists. It may take a while for the country to recover, especially given the challenges that come with travel and how people can move about in the future.




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