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Africa: Tanzania announces 17 New Coronavirus Cases

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Africa: Tanzania announces 17 New Coronavirus Cases

Health authorities in Tanzania have announced 17 new cases of coronavirus in the country. Tanzania’s Health Minister, Ummy Mwalimu, has announced 14 new infections on the mainland, while Zanzibar Health Minister Hamad Rashid announces three new infections on the island.

All 17 patients are citizens of Tanzania. Among the 14 patients on the mainland, 13 have been diagnosed in Dar es Salaam, and one in Arusha. So far, 49 people have been infected with the coronavirus. Thirteen of the Coronavirus victims are in Dar es Salaam, with another from Arusha.

According to Minister Ummy’s statement, all patients continue with treatment under the care of health professionals. “Surveillance of people around them is ongoing,” her statement said. On the Zanzibar side, Minister Hamad has warned against the risk of widespread infection.

“All these patients do not have a history of traveling abroad in recent times. This confirms that these ailments are already in our society and thus increase the risk of transmission themselves if additional precautions are not taken,” the statement said. “My call to the public is that the condition of these diseases in the country is fragile as we do not know how many of us are infected.”

Areas where the disease has been reported in Tanzania are Dar es Salaam (32 patients), Zanzibar (12), Arusha (3), Kagera (1), and Mwanza (1). Yesterday, authorities in Tanzania announced a ban on passenger flights.

“Pilots and flight attendants will be required to stay on quarantine in areas designated by the government at their own expense,” the announcement said. The move comes at a time when Tanzania is being criticized by some international analysts and the media.

The African aviation sector needs assistance, and in particular, there is a chance to change the situation and be more transparent in the recovery of the disease once it is completely gone. Although coronavirus transmission across the continent varies in the background, and infection in other areas, airlines across Africa have found it forced to cancel its flights while reducing staff and warning that a worse situation is to be expected in the future.

Since the first patient announced, airlines in Africa have already lost more than $4.4 billion in revenue. More recently, South African Airways has canceled its international flights, after closing domestic flights, due to a financial crisis last month. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, a large number of about one million jobs are lost daily due to the economic impact of coronavirus.

At the same time, the International Airport Travel Agency (IATA) has called on all governments to consider the issue of assisting airlines and airports that are struggling by providing tax relief and credit. Airlines are going to make the world go up and run again when this disease ends.

With the increase of global connectivity, many industries are rapidly becoming dependent on air travel. For example, important sectors, such as tourism, will be a pillar in the recovery of domestic income in African countries. However, there are some airlines that have been using loads of problems and disasters to benefit themselves rather than help their customers.

Many airlines have so far been dismissing workers under the pretext of COVID-19. However, there are various institutions and commissions that have been protecting the interests of clients, one of which is the Vide Times Live inquiry commission.

Recently, the commission has begun investigating a South African Aviation Agency (SAA) due to various allegations regarding staffing, bidding, contracts, and numerous procedural violations. Another company that is in the process is Swissport, which has been accused of committing atrocities in Africa.

By George Mtimba
Source: communalnews.com

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