Africa: Tanzania to expose tourist sites through Great Lakes International Tourism Expo


As the world gradually recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic, some countries have already eased lockdown as life prepares to return to a post-COVID-19 normalcy.

Having declared the country open about a week ago, Tanzania is working hard to boost its tourism and stakeholders have proposed Mwanza Region as a destination for exposing the abundant attractions found in the Lake Zone Circuit, along with Tabora and Kigora Regions.

According to Tanzania’s Minister of Tourism Dr. Hamis Kigwangalla, exposing the tourism attraction in the aforementioned regions will enable the nation to receive more than two million tourists per year from abroad something which may increase national development.

He said that expansion of tourism attraction geographically is one of mechanism to enable the nation to have great area to enable different tourists to visit, see and travel for many days in our national parks and to places to see our traditional customs which have attractions to visitors.

Dr Kigwangalla said that in the coming International Tourism Forum in Mwanza more than 150 exhibitors companies will be invited, tour operators, agencies, organizations from different nations will be invited in the event to participate and exploit some of the available opportunities.

“I mobilize internal and external investors to come to participate in tourism exhibition and to take opportunity of investing and people around this region and in neighbouring regions to take part to provide services to many visitors who will come to the forum,” said Dr Kigwangalla.

Lake Zone Circuit, Tabora and Kigoma Regions have these interesting national parks found in this new circuit Saanane Island National Park, Burigi Chato, Rubondo Island National Park, Ibanda Kyerwa National Park, Rumanyika Karagwe National Park, Serengeti National Park, Gombe National Park, Kigosi National Park, Ugalla River National Park and Lake Tanganyika one of the deepest lake in Africa.

Dr Kigwangalla said that cultural tourism also will add value of the coming event since the presence of 120 ethnic groups in Tanzania provides visitors with authentic cultural experience and a unique insight into the daily lives of the local people in this area.

The cultural tourism enterprises will offer visitors the opportunity to leave vehicles behind and spend time in local villages or place to interact with people whereby they may prepare local cuisine, making wine, helping to prepare coffee beans, learning to make local handicrafts and learning traditional games and dances.

Lake Zone is endowed for having music and dances festivals that attract many visitors because of their authenticity for example Litungu dance of Kurya tribe and playing drum with snakes a Sukuma Tribe dance and to museums which are rich of our tradi- tional customs.

Mwanza Region Commissioner Mr John Mongella said that the region is ready to host the coming big world tourism and investment forum since there about more than 5000 rooms and conference halls ranging from Presidential suit and other services.

He also urged residents in Mwanza to use the coming international tourism and investment forum as opportunity for them to do business since the city area may receive many guests who will have positive results economically.

Mr Mongela said that the region has profiled some of available opportunities which some of internal and external investors will need to tape and take opportunity to invest therefore information are exposed to enable people to have access.

Chairman of Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB) Judge Thomas Mihayo said that all leaders have to announce that the coming tourism forum will be held in Mwanza City so that all people may know and get prepared for the event.

He said that his board is committed to ensure the tourism forum of Lake Zone Circuit, Kigoma and Tabora Regions manages to become successfully and draws international attention since all of the needed support are provided to make the forum become successfully.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr Costantine Kanyasu said that decision made by Regional Commissioners to host big tourism forum in Mwanza is dedication of accepting Mwanza Region as a hub of great lakes nations.

He urged councils to announce the forum so as to make it become widely known to more people in this area and to people outside our country while also he challenged community around this area to tape available opportunities and use it for development.

“If we want to bring many tourists let us advertise some of the available opportunities and tourist attractions being found in this area to make people be aware of various opportunities which are found in this area,” said Mr Kanyansu.


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