Africa: Tourism guru, Alain St. Ange clinches One Seychelles party nomination for presidential elections


President of the African Tourism Board (ATB) and frontline tourism expert, Alain St. Ange has been formally unveiled as the flagbearer of the One Seychelles political party in the coming presidential elections.

St. Ange was nominated alongside the party’s Secretary-General, Peter Sinon as the vice-presidential candidate.

Alain St. Ange who is presently the party president is spearheading a task force called Project Hope to save the continent’s tourism industry post COVID-19, as President of the African Tourism Board.

He was one of the founders of and the first President of the Vanilla Islands alliance – Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, Comoros and Mayotte.

St. Ange is internationally recognised as a tourism expert, and widely sought after to deliver keynote addresses on the issue of sustainable tourism for small island states. Nationally, he has gained decades of experience in both the private and public sectors.

He has served in the Seychelles Parliament for two terms, elected to his seat. His skills and expertise in the field of tourism did not go unnoticed by the former

President, who offered him a role in government, and later a ministerial portfolio. This was, at all times, an apolitical appointment. He continues to put Seychelles on the map today through his tourism report, which attracts international scrutiny.

Mr Sinon on his part, is a development economist by profession and a former minister, having competently and diligently held prominent portfolios during his term.

He is a former Seychelles Commissioner to South Africa and Namibia, and formerly an executive director at the African Development Bank, representing AFDB eastern constituency – Seychelles, Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Messrs St.Ange and Sinon jointly launched a Seychelles Labour Union in 2017, which is still in operation, in the hope of using their determination, passion and influence to protect and further the rights and interests of workers in Seychelles.

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