Africa: UN may officially recognizes Ambazonian Republic (English-speaking Southern Cameroon)


The United Nations (UN) may officially recognised the troubled Southern Cameroon region, known as Ambazonia Republic.

The National Director of the Nigeria/Ambazonia Restoration Movement (NARM), Hon. Cletus Obun cleared the air on the reported recognition of the Republic (also known as UNO State of Cameroon) by the UN in an interview which he granted the Lagos-based Daily Independent newspaper.

Hon. Obun, stated that, “What the United Nations is doing now is just to restore and recognise the sovereignty of the English-speaking people (of Cameroon) who were forced into a union in the manipulated plebiscite of 1961.”

Speaking further, Hon. Obun, who is a chieftain of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and a former House of Assembly member in Cross River State, debunked claims that some council areas in Nigeria would be carved out to form part of Ambazonia Republic.

He also spoke on other issues related to the Ambazonia Republic struggle.

Below are excerpts:

Question: There is insinuation that the United Nations has resolved to create a new nation by carving out some local government areas in northern Nigeria and western Cameron to make Amazonian Republic. Any fact in this?

Hon. Obun: The new nation is really new. It is the Republic of Ambazonia or what has been diplomatically referred to as the Western Cameroon. It will be recalled that the late legendary playwright, Poet and literary scholar, Bate Bessong depicted in one of his satirical melodramatic plays titled AND PALM WINE WILL FLOW, there is a character there named WECA (Western Cameroon).

That country existed as a colonial quasi-nation within the Nigerian nation as far back as1954. Indeed, the Ambazonian nation had a full government and got independence separately from francophone Cameroon. What the United Nations is doing now is just to restore and recognise the sovereignty of the English speaking people who were forced into a union in the manipulated plebiscite of 1961.

The twisting of provocative insinuations by LA Republic du Cameroon is to pitch Nigeria against the over-due liberation of the emasculated Anglophone Ambazonians of western Cameroon who share a lot in common historically, sociologically and politically with Nigeria.

As usual, the visible hand of the colonial overlords is clear. No territory of Nigeria will be affected or ceded to the new nation as insinuated in some section of the media. That Republic had been there a long time ago.

Q: To what extent has the UN protocols on refugees been breached by the Nigerian government giving the near explosive refugee population in the country?

Hon Obun: On June 20, 2020, the Nigeria/Ambazonia Restoration Movement, NARM, which I am National Director, paid a solidarity visit to the Refugee Camps in Cross River state. We met with leaders of the refugees and a cross section of the representatives of the Refugees and head of Humanitarian and Social Services (HSS).

The Nigerian government has been very unfair to the pogrom in Ambazonian territory. Women and children, young men and young women, old and sick refugees are suffering needlessly in the camps. We can authoritatively reveal that 90% of these fleeing people don’t have any document to show that they are refugees.

Those who applied cannot get the documents. Others cannot even apply. The damaging implications include inability of some refugees to benefit from the scholarships they got to study abroad.


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