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Africa: US Authorities Discover Video of Kenyan Woman Working while on Visitor Visa, Resulting in Deportation

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A woman from Kenya was deported to Kenya by the United States authorities when they found a video of her working in the US while she was only on a visiting visa.

According to kenyans.co.ke, During an episode of Brad Show Live, hosted by lawyer Brad Bernstein on Tuesday, July 11, the victim’s sister provided detailed information about the Kenyan woman’s situation, revealing that she had been in the US on a visitor visa.
“My sister was here for four months on a visiting visa. She had left her sons back home,” the sister explained.

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After visiting her sons in Kenya, the Kenyan woman returned to the US. However, upon her arrival, immigration officers discovered a video showing her working, which ultimately led to her deportation.

According to the immigration officers, the lady will be barred from reentering the US for five years.

The lawyer explained that the deported lady had two options; to get married to a US citizen or have parents living in the US.

She can only get a waiver for a green card through a spouse or a parent or she will never get back to America,” Bernstein explained.

He explained that following the victim’s deportation, she will not be allowed to reenter the US due to misrepresentation of her activities in the country.
Bernstein is the president of the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein P.C. He is an immigration law expert and has represented over 100,000 clients.

According to the US Embassy in Kenya, for a person to apply for a visiting visa, they must have a valid passport, an email address, travel arrangements, details of the last five visits to the US and other countries, and a digital photo among other requirements.

To renew the visiting visa, one can visit the US embassy or consulate abroad. Instructively, only diplomatic visa holders and their dependents can renew their visas within the US.

On May 2023, the United States Department of State increased the fees for various categories of visa applications for non-immigrants.

The department observed that the fees had been increased by up to Ksh15,000 (USD110) citing the rising cost of inputs.

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