Africa: We are using cultural tourism to unify Nigeria, Ezemmuo speaks on Eko Onibaje Festival


Eko Onibaje Festival, a cultural brand promoting domestic tourism in Nigeria for a decade of active display of the tourism artefacts, concepts and exhibitions, under the supervision of Chief Ozo Chiedu Nwoye Idezuna, popularly known as Ezemmuo.

Ezemmuo, in a press conference held in Lagos recently, disclosed that cultural tourism is a powerful tool in unifying the country in respect to collective development and growth of the economy in the face of cultural diversities of the Nation.

“Eko Onibaje Festival centers around the New Year Yam Festival of the Igbo people in Lagos as a symbol to retain our cultural and traditional values and orientations in a marketable manners in order to build the tourism industry of Nigeria, and Africa as a whole.

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“This year’s edition comes up on World Tourism Day in order to join the world in the celebration of tourism. It is time to use culture to express our tourism potentialities to the world. We have plans to exhibit our sense of fashion through beauty pageantry, show skills in different sports and display various artistic artefacts because of influx of tourists coming across the globe to witness.
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By Oyeniyi Esan

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