Africans Spend More Money for Education than the Americans

According to the CIA 2013 fact book, Lesotho has taken the No. 1 spot in the world for allocating the highest percentage of its annual budget to education.

The African country that spends more on education than AmericaThe most valuable natural resource in Africa is its young people and many Governments have therefore allocated the biggest portion of their yearly budgets into education and training.

The mountain Kingdom of Lesotho takes the top spot in the world by allocating 13% of its annual budget to the Ministry of Education. Actually all countries within the Southern African customs union spend more money for education than the  USA or Germany; they just allocate about 6% of their yearly budget to education.

Many African nations have realized that they will miss out on the benefits within the value-added chain of their natural mineral resources without a well trained workforce. Latest trends have shown that the labour intensive manufacturing of goods will gradually move from Asia to Africa with its vibrant young workforce.

Many nations have realized that and start to position themselves for the future.

Investing into the African economy now promises one of the best long term rewards for progressive funds managers.

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