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Africa: Air Namibia organises ‘girl talk’ for Namibian and Ghanaian women

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Ghanaian award-winning actress Lydia Forson was told many times that she was too dark and ‘too big’ for acting roles, the actress shared last week while visiting Namibia.

Forson stated that throughout her acting career, she was never the first pick for any movie. Forson who had a role in Scandal, a South African soapie said she was always an afterthought but she didn’t mind as long as she got the opportunity to prove people wrong.

Forson was among Namibian and Ghanaian women who shared their stories at the maiden edition of girl talk inspiration session, organised by Air Namibia. Among the panel was Air Namibian pilot Maria Hiwilepo; business owner (founder of Lingua College) Ingrid Mettler; motivational speaker and businesswoman Twapewa Kadhikwa.

Other speakers were founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Single Parents Support Foundation, Cecilie Tjikenda and Ghanaian business development consultant Esinam Afi Seade. “I am blessed to be from a loving family where every single day until today, my father reminds me that I am the most beautiful person. With those comments, I tell people that I think that I am a very beautiful girl and no one can tell me anything,” said Forson adding that in their culture, women are the powerful ones and get lots of confidence from that.

Forson who said she was told so many times ‘no’ for acting roles, actually started loving people telling her no because she had one more person to prove wrong. Air Namibia recently launched its Windhoek – Lagos – Accra route.

According to Air Namibia’s Corporate Digital Communication Officer, Selma Neshiko, the new route provides a direct connection between Namibia and West African countries. Neshiko said this much needed service gives passengers a better alternative travel option, reducing travel time between Namibia and West Africa by more than 60 percent. “It is for this reason that Air Namibia decided to host important participants in the travel and tourism trade Influencers & Ghanaian celebrities from West Africa to visit Namibia and get to experience Namibia through its people, cuisine, room services, entertainment, number of wonderful attractions to be enjoyed around Namibia and so much more.

In addition, Neshiko stated this endeavour will be to further build relationship between Ghanaian and Namibian women to share knowledge and inspire others on social media and a large followership of all their celebrities, Palm media organises the annual ‘Girl Talk’ concert, the monthly Celebrity Birthday Hangouts, TV and radio personalities and celebrities from the entertainment industry. We anticipate reaching a broad audience in West Africa to create interest in Namibia through this epic event.

This will surely strengthen tourism in Namibia and create a new audience, willing to explore Namibia.

Also sharing her story was Air Namibia pilot Hiwilepo who said in aviation fraternity, people tend to respect men than women, people who are older than younger, people who are white than black. “I mean if you had to choose a pilot, you would go for an older man and a white man not the younger girl.

Instead of fighting, antagonising it and causing fraction, Hiwilepo said what work for her was to accept what is and work for it. She said in the (aviation) classroom if a boy makes a mistake, the instructor would normally ask where his head is but if it is a girl, the question is placed on her character like if they are sure they want to be there and if they can do it.

“I would always stand out and if (instructor) asked a random question …I used that to prove that I know. I used it to my advantage. of course, you have to prepare and don’t antagonise it, “she said.

In addition, founder and CEO of Single Parents Support Foundation, Tjikenda who gave an overview of the foundation said society is pressurising couples to remain in relationships that died a long time ago. “The relationship has already past but because of cultural pressure, we want to show the world that you are together with father or mother of your children.

Don’t pressurise yourself and that’s what leads to gender-based violence. If you feel uncomfortable in relationship, step out for your own freedom,” remarked Tjikenda who is a professional counsellor. Her foundation support single parents by offering counselling and tips on how to be financially, emotionally and psychologically stable.


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