Albinos hunted down in Tanzania for use in”juju”


Albinos hunted down in Tanzania for use in jujuEXCLUSIVE: The mystery stranger who left £5 and a heart-warming note on train for young mother for teaching her son good manners.
Charity worker who was honoured by Princess Anne was found hanged in hospital after battling noisy neighbours who taunted her as a ‘grass’ when she reported them
Severe weather warning issued for up to four inches of snow as temperatures plummet from 10C highs to -5C overnight.
I’m thinking of quitting the UK over rise in anti-Semitic attacks, says Maureen Lipman
Now it’s BECKY the Builder: Minister wants to fix it to get more women into construction to show it’s not just jobs for the boys.
The kids’ cereals with more sugar in one bowl that SEVEN chocolate fingers
john o reilly- southbedsnews agency- luton.. (fairlys) 07850 840246..pic..lisa cooper…readers letter re- car crashDriver’s fury as loophole means no one is to blame for terrifying head-on smash after ‘ethical’ insurer Co-op refuses to pay out
The gruesome footage of a smoker’s blackened lungs that SHOULD stop you from lighting up again.
Researchers in the U.S. have found a gene that boosts intelligence could offer new hope to sufferers of dementiaDo YOU have the smart gene? Trait associated with better ageing and cognitive skills is present in one in five people.
Police killer Harry Roberts’ happy life inside jail is revealed – including champagne-fuelled birthday party, 10-pin bowling and a restaurant steak dinner 
Exterior shot of Taylor and Sons Ltd, Unit 5-6  in Curran Road, Cardiff. A BLUNDER over a single letter on an official document caused the collapse of a 124-year-old Welsh family business ñ and could cost the Government millions after a High Court ruling.
Companies House is facing a damages bill for up to £8.8m after it mistakenly recorded Cardiff engineers Taylor & Sons Ltd as having been wound up.
It was another, entirely unconnected, company ñ Taylor & Son Ltd ñ which had actually gone bust.
When the word got out after the February 2009 error, Taylor & Sonsí business ran dry, orders were cancelled, and credit facilities were withdrawn.
Ultimately, the business, which was established in 1875 and had its roots in the 18th century, ended up in administration.
In a stunning triumph for the companyís former MD and co-owner Philip Davison-Sebry, a judge yesterday ruled Companies House legally responsible for the debacle.
The administrative slip-up was the only one of its kind ever recorThe spelling mistake that wrecked a family business: Companies House to pay £8.8m damages after engineering firm with 250 workers closed down when government pen-pusher left a letter ‘s’ out of document
Claire Potter came up with 50 ideas of things to do for his 50th birthdayWhat 50 challenges would YOU set your husband? One wife creates unique list of tasks for partner to complete as part of quirky 50th birthday present.
From baby bump to washboard abs in just 60 DAYS: Russian supermodel and mother of three reveals sensational results of Instagram exercise regime she started when baby was two weeks old.



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