AU: Algeria responds to Morocco Charm offensive by Hosting Africa

Kenya is lobbying to have African countries adopt a border-less continent in a bid to foster inter-Africa trade development in the region.
Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed said in a press statement, having friendly policies on African borderlines would increase movement of people and goods, thereby improve economic growth among the concerned nations.
“We must deepen our own integration and not cling to sovereignty for sovereignty’s sake to close our borders,” said Amina Mohamed during the opening of the First African Investment and Business in Algiers.
The CS said Africa can only increase intra-African trade and investment by advancing infrastructure and seamless connectivity through air, road, rail and water.
She said enacting policies that allow free movement of labour and goods across the continent and enabling dissemination of information and ideas will go along in fostering innovation and investment in the content.
“To move forward, we need to make sacrifices. We have put in place cross border initiatives to ensure that formal and informal trade is fully facilitated and registered,” she said.



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