Aviation: ‘500 staff of Delta Airlines test positive to COVID 19, with 10 dead ‘- says CEO Ed Bastian

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It seems to be a scary time in the confines of Atlanta based Delta Airlines as the Chief Executive Officer has revealed that 10 employees of the airline have died from coronavirus, and some 500 employees have tested positive.patch.com reports.

In a release by the Chief Executive Officer, Ed Bastian at the company’s shareholder meeting , he disclosed that all Delta employees are undergoing testing for coronavirus..

He added on the death of the staff that “every one of them breaks my heart.” while stressing that among other employees who contracted the virus, “the vast majority have recovered,” the statement added.

Ed Bastian further added that Delta is testing its approximately 90,000 employees for the coronavirus. Once the employees are tested, Bastian said, “We will be able to provide better protection for our people and then, eventually, certainly, our customers as we go forward.”

The CEO had earlier reflected on the economic impact as travelers hunkered down at home and states shut down tourist industries to prevent outbreaks. In May, the company suspended flights to 10 airports until at least September.

“We could never have predicted how quickly the coronavirus pandemic would upend our plans as demand for near-term air travel dropped to almost zero in a matter of weeks,” Bastian said “We are realistic that the timing and shape of revenue recovery are uncertain and are prepared that it could take up to two to three years to return to a new level of normal, which could still be lower than 2019 revenue base.”

Many have lamented that the easing of lockdown across countries may have only opened up doors economic recovery but worsened the spread of COVID 19 especially work place spread.
By Francis Ogwo

SOURCE: patch.com

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