Aviation: Africa World Airlines with 362 flights airlifted over 9,631 passengers in June 2020


Despite the many challenges involved with flight operations during a global pandemic, Ghana leading carrier, Africa World Airlines, (AWA) has revealed that the airline operated 362 scheduled flights in the country airlifting over 9,631 passengers in the month of June.

The carrier said it operated 100% of its scheduled flights in the same month.

According to statistics released by the AWA, “Furthermore, none of our flights was delayed by more than 2 hours for any reason. In fact, over 90% of our flights departed exactly on time – a huge credit to our hardworking team.

“Only one passenger out of nearly 10,000 booked was denied boarding due to over sales, and only one piece of luggage was delayed during the entire month.”

According to the airline, it checked in 8, 364 bags with 99.99% on-time delivery successfully.

AWA continues to maintain industry-leading sanitary and social distancing protocols throughout your journey, including disinfection of all checked baggage before being returned to you.

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